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That’s the way: Workplace etiquette

Hello, today we will begin to talk a little bit about marketing personnel, an important issue for those who want to stand out professionally. We’ll start talking about: Workplace etiquette.

Normally, when people talk about etiquette, they relate to situations involving big fuss and stylish outfits. However, what few remember is that the label isn’t a code of universal rules, it isn’t a privilege of high society and it is not reduced exclusively to ceremonial occasions. On the contrary, it is present at various times in our lives, including those involving the day-to-day work – environment in which the person would be ridiculed if his behave is like the court of the Queen of England.

Etiquette is a code of behavior, whose standards aim to make easy the social and professional life of the people.

There is no single standard of etiquette that can be adopted by all organizations. However, some attitudes should always be included in the roster of professional conduct – including kindness, respect, solidarity, good humor, discretion, moderation while sitting and gesturing, speaking to fix, for example.

The way of dress will change according to the climate and habits of each region, with the company culture, with the market segment in which it operates and so on. The way we dress is a form of honor (or not) people in our midst.

Fine tract professionals

The person will always be elegant stylish at work or outside. As used to say Machado de Assis, one of our greatest literary genius and founder of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Mulato of high culture and refined presence, he said: “There are elegant people and adorned people.” Sure your irony did not apply only to clothes and accessories…

Of course, that is necessary to exercise respect for others, be it customer, colleague, subordinate, superior, relative and even society in geral. This in practice can be reflected in short phrases, like: Good morning, Good afternoon! Please, Excuse and Thanks. Besides these tips basic education, also remembers someone stylish is also discreet and not encourage gossip.

That’s it! Have a good week!

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That´s the way – British spy: myth or reality?

Well, when we think of spy soon comes to our mind the idea presented by literature and cinema, particularly by the character James Bond.

The BBC in London got  to talk to some officials of British intelligence, MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5 – domestic security service) and MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6 – international security service) to try to get some information. It is clear that employees were not allowed to discuss specific missions!

According to one of the spies of MI6 operations in foreign territories are the most complicated and dangerous for a modern spy. According to him, penetrate terrorist networks is a detailed action and spy should know beforehand – de antemão –  what are the threats of the operation. First, he must choose a target: who are the subjects of the network and which are  the connections between them. The next step is to work on the following questions: "Can we reach them? Are they  accessible? Would they have access to useful information for the government? Could they be motivated to work for MI6 as informants?" After that, begins
the recruitment of the new spy: the MI6 agent should prepare a way to address the individual and convince him to work for MI6 as a spy within the terrorist network. Generally, the reasons why the new spy accept the job of spying are the violent ideology of terrorist networks,  the wish of  living in Britain or the money. But the first contact with this possible new spy is always very tense for the agents of MI6: "When you’re somewhere remote and dusty, in areas where there is no government, about to meet for the first time a contact of a terrorist organization, is a nervous wreck. Everything we do involves risk. "

Truth or myth: modern spies are educated in better British universities, Oxford and Cambridge.


An MI5 officer, before joining the group, thought he would never have a chance of being a spy, because he thought it should be high-class, academically bright and white. Applied for the job at MI5 by internet and was called by the organization because it fit perfectly the profile looked for the agency: he was recruited into a surveillance operation – operação de vigilância, which would work in the investigation of terrorist groups. According to this agent, anonymity is the  key to the success of an operation: "You have to blend with the landscape, must be like a neutral color. A John Doe – João Ninguém – , an individual for whom someone passes, but after a second , ever forget. "

Now If you are a woman and is interested in being a spy,  see this comment from M!5 officer, who works at the haerdquarters of the British spy agency. She believed that women couldn’t be spies who would be secretaries, as Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond films. But she works in investigations related to Al-queda, analyzing information from differente sources.

For finish one of the few similarities between the stories of James Bond and the real spies is that they should always be cautious and alert in cases of double agents. Another myth: it is so famous license to kill? The modern spies say – "we do not have."

Conclusion: Although the famous espionage operations from books and films are inspired by reality, modern spies have little to do with fiction. 

One of the few similarities between the stories of James Bond and the real spies is that they should always be cautious and alert to cases of double agents. Another myth: it is so famous license to kill? The modern spies say – "we do not have."

And about you: Do you want to be a British spy ?

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That´s the way – “Samantha Sutton and the Labyrinth of Lies”

It’s  a new series of mystery books for young.

If you like action, adventure and mystery, will love the new book by author Jordan Jacobs, "Samantha Sutton and the Labyrinth of Lies." It is the first book in a new series that presents Samantha, a  teenager of 12 year old  who travells to different places and explore the secrets of each one.

In the story, Samanthas’ uncle archaeologist  invites her to go to Peru for a dig during the summer. She gets super excited! The only problem is her older brother, Evan. He accompanies them on the trip and "lies at the foot" of her all the time.

for a dig = para uma escavação
lies at the foot = ficar no pé

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